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You deserve to thrive.

You don't have to suffer through the phases of menopause. Tap into your body's wisdom, and let it guide you back to balance. 

Are you ready to choose a different experience?

You are more powerful than you know.

Your body has the ability to shift back to balance and feel vibrant and energetic again.

You can learn to live in harmony with your body and mind so you stay healthy and strong.

You can feel like yourself again.

And ignite the spark of passion and joy you need to live the meaningful life you deserve.

Naturally Thriving

is about using food as medicine and cultivating nourishing lifestyle practices you LOVE so you not only "get through" perimenopause naturally, but you'll thrive.


You CAN create a better perimenopause experience. Maintaining a healthy weight, feeling clear-headed, calm, and centered, and becoming the BEST version of yourself is available to every woman.

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Laura Viale, CFNC

Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach 

Founder and Creator of

The Thrive Method for Hormone Balance.


Hi, I'm Laura Viale,

I created Naturally Thriving Women's Health because I believe women have an incredible capacity to heal themselves, their communities, and the world. But our innate ability to do this has been lost as our culture has gravitated toward quick fixes, and chemical solutions.


Women often feel powerless to their symptoms, suffering in silence because either they don't know there is another way, or because no one else talks about what they're going through so they feel utterly alone.


You are NOT alone. You are NOT meant to suffer.

It's time to take your power back.


Learn how your body functions best and what may be causing YOUR unique imbalances.


Ready to THRIVE in this phase of life?

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