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Here's How I Can Help You

If you found your way to this page, you're likely feeling lost, confused, and wondering what you can do to stop the hormonal rollercoaster so you can feel more comfortable and maybe even feel so good that you forget the fact that you're going through this phase of perimenopause.

I've got your back. 

There are MANY natural options for you to get your symptoms under control, get your energy back, and feel back to your fun-loving, active self again.

My expertise is focusing on using delicious food and nourishing lifestyle practices as your main tools to bring your body back to balance - no matter what phase you're in. 

Here's how it's been working for my clients.

Below are some options for working with me.


Join me from your kitchen to mine as we make 2 delicious elixirs together. Using food as medicine, you can create health and balance with ingredients found right in your kitchen. Stay tuned for the next workshop.

Schedule a Free Hormone Health Consult

Need help determining your next steps to balanced hormones? 

This 45 min FREE call is all about YOU. Whether we work together or not, you'll leave with some clarity about what YOUR body needs so you can take action and feel like yourself again.  

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