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Charlie Mitchell,
Mom and Author

I can’t recommend Laura Viale highly enough! Her kind and thoughtful approach, along with some excellent tools have made a massive difference to my life in just 4 weeks!

I knew I needed help because my body was in quite a difficult place after my son contracted Leukaemia last year. We were in hospital together for 6 months last year, in very stressful circumstances, with very little access to fresh nutritious food. I did my best but come December I had my worst period ever, bleeding for 3 weeks with significant clots, and knew I needed to take some pretty drastic action.

I also knew I didn’t have much time, with my son still in and out of the hospital, and I needed things to be simple.

Laura did some great assessments to help identify where I was at and was immediately able to recommend one or two simple steps I could take to improve my situation.

Working with her one-to-one has given me space to explore things at a deeper level and really tailor her advice to my exact situation.

In just 4 weeks I have been able to:

- adapt my diet with a few variations each week, resulting in some quite major changes in a gentle and manageable way

- eat smaller portion sizes while feeling more full

- understand more about what suits my body

- feel less anxiety generally

- lose 12lb without focusing on weight loss at all

- enjoy my food, try new combinations and feel better about the nutrition I am eating

I am looking forward to continuing working with Laura over the coming weeks as we explore more of the root causes of my hormone imbalances and look to support my body in a gentle and caring way.


Natalie Malinowski,
Loan Officer, Lifestyle Coach, Mom

I just wanted to share what an incredible service Laura Viale offers! If you are anywhere near menopause and struggling with fatigue, brain fog, inflammation, or just general malaise in the body, she specializes in Functional Nutrition and Ayurveda for hormone balancing and what a difference it makes. Just incorporating a few of her nutritional suggestions has made such a difference in my energy and appetite, and I wanted to share because, Ladies, we don’t have a lot of time to take care of our bodies as businesswomen, nevermind the myriad of other roles we hold, so if you can do something to feel better I say do it! Laura takes such a holistic approach and really challenges you to tap into your intuition and find what works for you, she gives you all the tools you need to approach health from the inside out and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

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Anne Heffron,
Writer, Coach

I worked with Laura only for a month so far because of my travel schedule, and in that short amount of time, my eating habits transformed. A big part of this was that, finally, I was ready to change, and the other big part was that Laura was the perfect guide to take me from A (pizza and Diet Coke are food groups) to B (no more hormone-disrupting foods I once craved). My system is, after decades of being upset, settling down. I don’t feel at war with my intestinal tract. Laura introduced me to the concept of being my body’s partner, and I have found this transformative. 

I still can’t believe it's only been a month. So wonderful. 

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